What is the average age of women wearing lingerie?

Lingerie is ageless apparel in respects to adult women. However, the type of lingerie does change with age. Most women would start to wear lingerie in the early 20’s.

Lingerie, sexy lingerie, underwear, sexy underwear

Lingerie, sexy lingerie, underwear, sexy underwear

Younger women might opt for less expensive, print based lingerie, as somewhat elder women 30+, may select more lace and embroidery items. This is often due to the possibility that she might be able to afford such items at that point in her life.

Also, lace and embroidered lingerie is a more classic look, which hence translates many times into a slighter elder consumer in the market for such. In regards to 50+ consumers, silk lingerie with lace or embroidery accents, as opposed to full lace and embroidered lingerie are popular. Perhaps many 50+ consumers may opt for the added support fitted silk lingerie gives in contrast to less support of full lace lingerie or the fitted support of silk without the tightness of the embroidered lingerie.


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