What is best type of lingerie for wedding / honeymoon?

That will depend on your fiance’s taste and your body type. You want something flattering that he will like. Different men have different tatse. To that not, you want something that you are comfortable in and makes you feel sexy.

Bride lingerie, honeymoon lingerie

Bride lingerie, honeymoon lingerie

The first choice will be babydoll. Your basic babydolls are always classy, either with underwear or without, paired with a matching g-string and highheels. You can get any color or fabric babydoll so there are tons of options.

Long silk or satin gowns are very elegant as well as sexy. A long satin gown in the color of you and your fiancé loves is lovely to have. If these are not do for you, you can try a bra and panty set, maybe lace set to surprise him.

Whatever you do, do it with confidence, that’s where the truly sexy side comes from!


Why do women dress sexy?

Why do women dress sexy? Man, don’t kill yourself trying to figure them out. Maybe it’s hot outside. Maybe they happen to like that color shirt/skirt/dress. Maybe it is tight because they gained a few pounds. Maybe their other clothes are in the laundry…

sexy woman,sexy dress, women sexy dress, sexy clothes, sexy look

sexy woman,sexy dress, women sexy dress, sexy clothes, sexy look

Married women dress sexy for the same reason single women do, because it feels good to feel beautiful. Remember, women dress sexy for themselves first and then to impress the man they are with.

Women are not looking sexy for all the other gawking men in the world. Or rather to catch the eye of a particular man. That’s why women get pissed off when other men take notice and the men they are with don’t even take notice of the way they look or even take into account what we had to do to look this sexy.


How to be sexy in lingerie?

How to build confidence to wear lingerie for husband if you don’t have the perfect body and not that pretty?

sexy lingerie

sexy lingerie

First of all, get excited over this! If you’re doing it just because your man might like it but you’re not too into it then you’re gonna fail. So get excited.

You don’t have to be a model or look like a star. Just shop something you absolutely love. If you put it on and it looks good on you then it shows. Don’t let him pick (this kills the surprise) but keep track of the ones he likes, & then get 1,2,3,4 or whatever of them, depending on both of your interest levels & budget.

Find some lingerie that flatters you and put on a pair of high heels to! It makes you appear slimmer and sexier in your lingerie. You will start to feel sexy from here.

The perfect piece gives you the nice sexy and confident feeling. This feeling you get might allow you to do little naughty things in the bedroom. Your man will love the way you appear in front of him – obviously feeling sexy and confident and doing this all for him – not for what you’re wearing.

Think about it – if you’re in the right mood you can set the sexiest atmosphere ever while wearing the most basic set while you can totally blow it when appearing in front of him in what you think is the sexiest piece ever but feel completely out of place yourself.


How to approach husband in lingerie?

If you have never wore a lingerie but would like to surprise your husband for a special day. Do you feel a little scared of how he might react?

There is a lot of lingerie out there that is sexy but you can still feel relaxed and comfortable in. Find something like that. Loveuseeme has a lot of very cute, sexy, beautiful things that you can feel comfy and sexy in.

sexy lingerie

sexy lingerie

The thing about wearing sexy lingerie is that you have to just feel natural about it. Do what you would normally do like there’s nothing different. Like washing dishes or doing laundry and when he walks in-POW!

What is even sexier is that you want to do something for him. That is what is really going to turn him on. The thought that you care so much to turn him on and make him happy.

You don’t need to be scared by how he might react. And you won’t be wearing the lingerie for long, so don’t be nervous. The only thing you may want to watch out for is him going crazy because you are so sexy in your new lingerie. Just have fun.


How to pull off lingerie? Wear it under the clothes and let him find it or do a quick change?

This is as much for your enjoyment as his. Wearing lingerie is sexy, if you have the right lingerie for your body and it fits comfortably.

Take it slow and easy. Find something you like and make sure it is something you feel pretty and sexy in. Also look at it from the standpoint that you will be wearing it under your clothes and whether it will lay well while you wear it.

sexy lingerie, underwear

sexy lingerie, underwear

You can wear it under your clothes and let him find it. Say you have something special for him. Then give him the opportunity to unwrap his present. Not only will you feel sexy all day but it will turn him on even more knowing you wore it all day long just for him!

If you would like to do a quick change, remember no performance anxieties. One suggestion is wear the panties OUTSIDE the garters to avoid the awkwardness of trying to remove them from inside (which requires taking all the garters off, kinda spoils the mood). Also, if the day was stressful, take a few minutes before you walk in the door to relax so you don’t carry that mood inside.

All in all, don’t overthink the process. Don’t be overly critical of how you look because he won’t be. If he’s into you, he’s already into you whatever you do and wear.


Should you do a strip tease for your man when you are wearing lingerie?

If you are wearing very sexy lingerie, a strip tease isn’t even necessary!

Sit him down. Walk in the room with a large coat or a boyfriend shirt. Tease the coat off, slowly but surely let your lingerie show, and then pull it quickly out of sight. Tease his eyes and imagination.

sexy lingerie

sexy lingerie

Take off everything until you just have the sexy lingerie on. Keep eye contact for a few seconds, and lead his eyes down your body. Then get close to him, press your chest against his. Hold him tight, whisper in his ear, nibble his earlobes. Don’t kiss him just yet, let your tongue flicker against his and pull back yet again and stand. Tease the lingerie off of him and tell him to do whatever he wants.

The rest is yours. Have fun!


What kind of bra should one wear during sex?

This is a very interesting question! Here are some suggestions.

1.A lace designer bra or a simple cotton bra. Padded are a big NO as they simple hide the true nature (size) of your teddies. Be true and confident girls!

2.If you have small or very big boobs, wear a tight racer-back bra. racer-back will give very good cleavage so that he will love it.

3.Choose one which can be easily unhooked. You can wear something matching with your panty and should be bit revealing.

Whatever you wear, remember to keep it clean. No one wants see a dirty bra during sex.


Should men purchase lingerie for women?

Lingerie can be a beautiful and intimate gift when given at the appropriate stage in the relationship. But don’t do it if you haven’t seen her in lingerie yet.


First you need to know her size, you can check her tags or ask her to participate in the shopping with you. If you look at a catalog or website like loveuseeme together, she can give you ideas about what she likes. That way you don’t skew to far from her sense of taste.

Then just surprise her with your choice of the options you looked at together.  She will love that you got her exactly what she wants.


What type of lingerie do men like?

If your objective is to nail down the pieces that will have broadest appeal to the most men, you’d do well to remember that every man is different.

Sexual attraction is deeply personal and can be widely different even between two similar people. So getting to know the particular man you’re interested in, and find out what he likes is very important.


No man really dislikes lingerie, but some of them just want to tear it off of you as quickly as possible. So, just buy some pieces you love, the ones that fit you perfectly. Whether he likes it or not should matter less than whether you do. But seriously, if he likes you LESS in Loveuseeme’s lingerie, he’s probably not remotely straight.

There is one thing to remember, buy something that makes you feel good wearing it. There is nothing hotter than a woman knowing she’s turning you on because of it. If you are in a new relationship, try something a little racy, but not too revealing yet. Don’t give it all away right at the beginning. As your relationship grows try on some more revealing lingerie.

All in all, any kind of lingerie, If it shows that you are treating your man to something special, that’s all that matters.