What is the difference between hosiery, tights and pantyhose?

Hosiery is a general term which including tights, stockings, socks, pantyhose, etc.

Hosiery, pantyhose, stockings,tights

Hosiery, pantyhose, stockings,tights

most hosiery do not need garters. Stockings require garters to hold them up as their material ends around the top of the thighs.

Thigh highs are similar to stockings and look the same however they stay up without the use of garter belt as they have an elastic band around the top of the thigh which holds them up.

Pantyhose have a built in panty, usually with a cotton crotch and they are an “all in one” as the legs are connected to the panty.

Tights are more opaque (less sheer) and are like pantyhose in that they combine both the legs and panty into one piece.


When do you wear bridal lingerie?

Do you wear your fancy bridal lingerie under your wedding dress? Or do you wear practical undergarments for the day, and once the wedding/reception is all wrapped up and you’ve arrived at your final destination for the night, slip into some sexy lingerie?

bridal lingerie, sexy lingerie

bridal lingerie, sexy lingerie

Depends what your fancy bridal lingerie is like. If it can be put under your gown, looks good but yet still practical, you can wear it. When you are taking your dress off and then he sees it’s been under there the whole time, he might go a little crazy. But remember to wear practical stuff under your dress. Your dress is most likely heavy and fitted, and something flimsy will not provide you with the proper support or shape.

If you want to save the pretty lingerie for your wedding night, change into it when you get to your final destination. You can slip into the bathroom and change your lingerie. If you have time shower, perfume yourself and wear very sexy lingerie. This night is special and you two will have a wonderful time.


Why girls love to wear bikinis?

First of all, it looks very good! If you have a body that looks perfect it’s not necessary to cover too much. In fact, almost every girl likes to show good forms and be admired!

Bikinis, swimsuits, women swim suit

Bikinis, swimsuits, women swim suit

There are also other advantages:

  • You feel much more relaxed in bikinis
  • You can easily go to the toilet. (The top and bottom are separated.)
  • You can show more easier your body shape and no sweat

A skimpy bottom and cute top are ideal for beachwear. Simple, easy to keep sand from, and non cumbersome.


How do you choose the first lingerie?

If you’re going to have a romantic night with your fiancé and never bought a sexy lingerie in your life, but really want to surprise him by wearing a special set of pajamas, which lingerie would you choose? Lingerie like babydoll or bra with matching panties? Also which color to choose?

sexy lingerie, babydoll, bra set, teddy, lingerie online, women lingerie

sexy lingerie, babydoll, bra set, teddy, lingerie online, women lingerie

If you feel embarrassed to go to a store, you can try Loveuseeme online. You can visit Loveuseeme and get a seductive mouth watering babydoll or even a teddy. Bra set are sexy too, but babydolls you can find some real sexy stuff. Try some sexy lingerie, it is always more special then pajamas.choose one that doesn’t hide your figure, he’ll love it. In fact, your fiancé will like any lingerie, as long as you’re wearing it! One suggestion is balconette bras are very flattering, as are certain cuts of panties.

As for colors, we suggest black, red, or white. The best color would be whatever your boyfriend’s favorite is though. You might even get a garter belt or stockings set.


Do girls prefer to wear tankinis or bikinis?

Some girls love one piece swimsuits. Because two pieces bikinis can fall of while you dive, and they may feel bikini is too exposing. Some girls choose one pieces because they are uncomfortable with their stomach.

Bikini, swimsuit, swimwear, Tankini, one piece, beach wear

Bikini, swimsuit, swimwear, Tankini, one piece, beach wear


But nowadays many girls prefer to wear bikinis, although they are not skinny.They feel bikinis are comfortable. Tankinis/one-piece swimsuits feel restrictive. And it’s nice to feel water on stomach when you swim. If you have a fat belly, it’s bad to have the wet fabric clinging to your stomach when you get out of the water. And it’s much easier to dry off in a bikini. Also bikinis look better underneath clothes on the way to and from the beach.

And most important is guys pay more attention to girls who in a bikini. You must admit that every girl likes the attention they get in a bikini.


What the difference between underwear and panties?

In fact, underwear and panties are the same thing. People just call them different things, so they don’t get confused. Maybe it’s because woman wanted a cuter and better term than underwear. And panties is more pretty than underwear.

underwear, women's underwear, lingerie, sexy lingerie

underwear, women’s underwear, lingerie, sexy lingerie

Some people feel embarrassed when they say panties in public. Because Panties to them is a word that kind of sounds likes a personal feminine product.

Underwear is used as a unisex term while panties is a term for woman’s underwear.


Tip For Choosing the Right Sexy Lingerie for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. This is a day should full of passion, love and romantic. And sexy lingerie is no doubt a secret weapon that can evoke love and fire. So how to choose the right sexy lingerie for that special night? Here are some tips for you.

First, sexy does not mean skimpy. You should choose the hot lingerie that will enhance your figure. Choose the one which can emphasize your good points and hiding the weakness.

Second, choose the right fabric. Shop the lingerie which will make you look and feel good. You should feel comfortable when you wearing the sexy underwear. If you does not feel good, so does your men.

Third, color is very important. First the color should match your skin color, and try to choose the color that both you and he love. Try to avoid buying underwear that is dark in color.


2013.11.11 NEW IN-2 Styles

Deep V Neck Backless Babydoll Super Sexy long sleeve babydoll with deep v neck front, lace-up back, backless, come with matching t-back. Sale: $27.95

Deep V Neck Backless Babydoll
Super Sexy long sleeve babydoll with deep v neck front, lace-up back, backless, come with matching t-back.
Sale: $27.95

Halter Two Pieces Babydoll Halter Two Pieces Babydoll includes lace tube top, dress with lace detail, and matching t-back. Sale: $28.95

Halter Two Pieces Babydoll
Halter Two Pieces Babydoll includes lace tube top, dress with lace detail, and matching t-back.
Sale: $28.95


How to Shop Hot Lingerie Online

Among the best reasons for on the internet buying is actually all of the items you’ve when you need it. In the event that you are searching for spectacular hot lingerie you’ll be ruined with regard to option. You are able to browse an entire web host associated with bras, basques, tights as well as add-ons and get in the contact of the switch. Sophisticated Search-The very first action in order to selecting ladies hot lingerie on the internet would be to thin lower the choice in order to items you would like. There isn’t any stage searching the entire item choice for those who have a concept associated with the kind of hot lingerie you would like. Numerous web sites possess sophisticated research amenities to create your own research fast and simple.

Regardless of whether you are searching for an easy 2 item arranged or perhaps a hot lingerie you are able to get around the website to search out just the things which complement your own search phrases. Understand your own Measurements-One point that may trigger difficulties whenever buying on the internet is actually making sure you buy the right dimension. Your own dimension might vary from item in order to hot lingerie and never just about all manufacturers make use of the exact same dimensions. One method to get rid of this issue would be to understand your own dimensions just before your own buying program. Calculate your own waistline, sides as well as upper body as well as make reference to the business’s dimension graph to find the proper dimension.

After you have selected your own preferred hot lingerie just click to include these phones your own container. This is actually the location where one can conserve all your products till you intend to spend. After you have carried out all your buying buy with the on the internet repayment program. Everything is actually remaining to complete is actually await your own hot lingerie to become shipped.


Tips For Shopping Sexy Lace Lingerie

Not every ladies nowadays possess excellent appears as well as curvy physiques. Nevertheless, they may be appealing as well as attractive to males through putting on sexy underwear which suits correctly. Attractive underwear items can change any kind of guy upon as well as fire up their enthusiasm.

You will find an array of underwear items which match each and every personal event that you should select from. These people can be found in a variety of materials such as ribbons, nylon, man made fiber as well as silk. If you wish to possess a elegant as well as attractive appear, ribbons underwear ought to be the perfect option. Ribbons personal clothing is available in numerous colours for example red-colored, dark, whitened, red, crimson as well as azure.

This has turned into a well-liked present with regard to Valentine’ Day time. With regard to males that are preparing to buy this sort of underwear for his or her female friends, it is crucial to understand the right entire body dimension of the companions. A great way would be to request the actual sales rep within the underwear look for help make the best choice. Apart from, these people should also pick the proper colour. When they do not know concerning the colour choices of the female friends, stay with red as well as dark that are usually warm faves amongst ladies. Ribbons underwear items can be found in each online retailers as well as nearby stores. The costs of these vary a great deal with respect to the high quality. It is strongly recommended to not give up upon the caliber of underwear for any less expensive cost. Top quality ribbons items generally provide excellent feel and look. Nevertheless, if you’re a female who’s hypersensitive in order to ribbons underwear items which are manufactured from a few artificial materials, a great option would be to choose 100 % cotton ribbons underwear.