What is the difference between hosiery, tights and pantyhose?

Hosiery is a general term which including tights, stockings, socks, pantyhose, etc.

Hosiery, pantyhose, stockings,tights

Hosiery, pantyhose, stockings,tights

most hosiery do not need garters. Stockings require garters to hold them up as their material ends around the top of the thighs.

Thigh highs are similar to stockings and look the same however they stay up without the use of garter belt as they have an elastic band around the top of the thigh which holds them up.

Pantyhose have a built in panty, usually with a cotton crotch and they are an “all in one” as the legs are connected to the panty.

Tights are more opaque (less sheer) and are like pantyhose in that they combine both the legs and panty into one piece.


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