When do you wear bridal lingerie?

Do you wear your fancy bridal lingerie under your wedding dress? Or do you wear practical undergarments for the day, and once the wedding/reception is all wrapped up and you’ve arrived at your final destination for the night, slip into some sexy lingerie?

bridal lingerie, sexy lingerie

bridal lingerie, sexy lingerie

Depends what your fancy bridal lingerie is like. If it can be put under your gown, looks good but yet still practical, you can wear it. When you are taking your dress off and then he sees it’s been under there the whole time, he might go a little crazy. But remember to wear practical stuff under your dress. Your dress is most likely heavy and fitted, and something flimsy will not provide you with the proper support or shape.

If you want to save the pretty lingerie for your wedding night, change into it when you get to your final destination. You can slip into the bathroom and change your lingerie. If you have time shower, perfume yourself and wear very sexy lingerie. This night is special and you two will have a wonderful time.