What the difference between underwear and panties?

In fact, underwear and panties are the same thing. People just call them different things, so they don’t get confused. Maybe it’s because woman wanted a cuter and better term than underwear. And panties is more pretty than underwear.

underwear, women's underwear, lingerie, sexy lingerie

underwear, women’s underwear, lingerie, sexy lingerie

Some people feel embarrassed when they say panties in public. Because Panties to them is a word that kind of sounds likes a personal feminine product.

Underwear is used as a unisex term while panties is a term for woman’s underwear.


How to be sexy in lingerie?

How to build confidence to wear lingerie for husband if you don’t have the perfect body and not that pretty?

sexy lingerie

sexy lingerie

First of all, get excited over this! If you’re doing it just because your man might like it but you’re not too into it then you’re gonna fail. So get excited.

You don’t have to be a model or look like a star. Just shop something you absolutely love. If you put it on and it looks good on you then it shows. Don’t let him pick (this kills the surprise) but keep track of the ones he likes, & then get 1,2,3,4 or whatever of them, depending on both of your interest levels & budget.

Find some lingerie that flatters you and put on a pair of high heels to! It makes you appear slimmer and sexier in your lingerie. You will start to feel sexy from here.

The perfect piece gives you the nice sexy and confident feeling. This feeling you get might allow you to do little naughty things in the bedroom. Your man will love the way you appear in front of him – obviously feeling sexy and confident and doing this all for him – not for what you’re wearing.

Think about it – if you’re in the right mood you can set the sexiest atmosphere ever while wearing the most basic set while you can totally blow it when appearing in front of him in what you think is the sexiest piece ever but feel completely out of place yourself.


Tip For Choosing the Right Sexy Lingerie for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. This is a day should full of passion, love and romantic. And sexy lingerie is no doubt a secret weapon that can evoke love and fire. So how to choose the right sexy lingerie for that special night? Here are some tips for you.

First, sexy does not mean skimpy. You should choose the hot lingerie that will enhance your figure. Choose the one which can emphasize your good points and hiding the weakness.

Second, choose the right fabric. Shop the lingerie which will make you look and feel good. You should feel comfortable when you wearing the sexy underwear. If you does not feel good, so does your men.

Third, color is very important. First the color should match your skin color, and try to choose the color that both you and he love. Try to avoid buying underwear that is dark in color.