What the difference between underwear and panties?

In fact, underwear and panties are the same thing. People just call them different things, so they don’t get confused. Maybe it’s because woman wanted a cuter and better term than underwear. And panties is more pretty than underwear.

underwear, women's underwear, lingerie, sexy lingerie

underwear, women’s underwear, lingerie, sexy lingerie

Some people feel embarrassed when they say panties in public. Because Panties to them is a word that kind of sounds likes a personal feminine product.

Underwear is used as a unisex term while panties is a term for woman’s underwear.


Should men purchase lingerie for women?

Lingerie can be a beautiful and intimate gift when given at the appropriate stage in the relationship. But don’t do it if you haven’t seen her in lingerie yet.


First you need to know her size, you can check her tags or ask her to participate in the shopping with you. If you look at a catalog or website like loveuseeme together, she can give you ideas about what she likes. That way you don’t skew to far from her sense of taste.

Then just surprise her with your choice of the options you looked at together.  She will love that you got her exactly what she wants.


What type of lingerie do men like?

If your objective is to nail down the pieces that will have broadest appeal to the most men, you’d do well to remember that every man is different.

Sexual attraction is deeply personal and can be widely different even between two similar people. So getting to know the particular man you’re interested in, and find out what he likes is very important.


No man really dislikes lingerie, but some of them just want to tear it off of you as quickly as possible. So, just buy some pieces you love, the ones that fit you perfectly. Whether he likes it or not should matter less than whether you do. But seriously, if he likes you LESS in Loveuseeme’s lingerie, he’s probably not remotely straight.

There is one thing to remember, buy something that makes you feel good wearing it. There is nothing hotter than a woman knowing she’s turning you on because of it. If you are in a new relationship, try something a little racy, but not too revealing yet. Don’t give it all away right at the beginning. As your relationship grows try on some more revealing lingerie.

All in all, any kind of lingerie, If it shows that you are treating your man to something special, that’s all that matters.