Do you wear a bra with your lingerie/babydoll?

If you feel more comfortable and think it looks better, wear a bra with it. If you like fancy bras go for it, get a nice matching bra/panty/garter set with appropriate hose.


But sometimes, what others say is true…maybe men really think it looks better without a bra, a bare breast beneath slim lingerie is sexier, and this would turn him on more if you don’t wear a bra.

Especially for slinky material like satin, silk, or sheer fabric on the skin just makes you look so sexy. And a lot of lingerie is designed to enhance the look of your breasts, especially if it is see through. And as someone else said, the lingerie is only going to be on for a short period of time. Why has a second layer? It’s one more thing that he has to remove. Obviously, you defeat the purpose.


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